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Work Matta Excel is an ergonomic mid-compression flooring solution ideal for agricultural applications including dairy and equine.

  • 6-Year product warranty
  • Easy wash down in a dairy shed application
  • Outstanding airflow and drainage capability
  • Interlocking system prevents mats coming part
  • Manufactured from 85% recycled PVC and recyclable
  • Easy to install



Reduced fatigue, relieving pressure on joints, and reducing leg and back strain.


Exceptionally efficient at displacing water flow and ideal where hosing and flushing is used in clean up.


Say goodbye to long hours of standing on hard, cold concrete.


Extra durable recycled tiles made from 85% recycled PVC materials such as Elanco metabolic bags, bale or plastic containers.


Excel Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 24mm high(0.25m2)
Weight: 2kg
Material: 100% Recycled or Virgin PVC (colour dependant)

Fire, Slip and Abrasion compliant ASTM, AS/NZS, BS Standard

Click to download our Work Matta™ product specification sheet.

Click to download our How To Install Work Matta Excel Open