With 30 years of manufacturing experience in New Zealand, we're dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices. We use recycled materials and pride ourselves on our quality of product and fantastic relationships with our customers.

Discover our tailored solutions for Agriculture and Marine industries.

Agriculture Solution

Work Matta Excel Open

Excel Open is the ideal safety and ergonomic flooring choice for the dairy and equine sectors, offering exceptional drainage and underfoot airflow. Its ergonomic design provides comfort for farmers during long hours, relieving pressure on joints, and reducing leg and back strain.


Marine Solution

Work Matta Ergo Closed

Ergo Closed is the perfect surface solution for matting on your boat while you enjoy your activities on the water. Proudly made in New Zealand, our tiles guarantee craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Ergo Closed is designed with your comfort in mind, the tiles not only provide anti-fatigue benefits, but they are easy to install and clean, offer superior drainage and provide an anti-slip surface.